We’re always available for a quick chat to run through any potential project you might have.  Here are some examples of projects we’ve worked on recently:


Farm Analysis

A national farming organisation wanted to be able to have a simple way in which they could interact with data from the various farms they ran.  Our challenge was to produce an app that took a lot of complex data and presented it in such a way that farm managers could quickly and easily draw up information on farm productivity and recent metrics.

As part of the project, we installed a number of sensors around the farms – these sensed a number of environmental factors from moisture content, to open gates, to temperature in buildings.

Each of these sensors fed back to a main system which published data out to each of the farm manager’s iPads.

It’s been a huge success, and the data and analytics that have been provided are hugely powerful.  We’re currently planning a second stage roll-out for the system that will include features such as automated SMS and email so that farm managers can react quickly to any environmental changes.

Having all of our farm information easily available wherever we are helps us plan more effectively and save costs.  We keep finding new benefits to the system such as simple cost and efficiency savings.  I think it’s fair to say that we couldn’t imagine how we’d manage our farms without it now.  Thank you!

Asset Tracking

Using the GPS facilities built into the Apple iPad and using simple GPS trackers, we developed a tracking application for a large arable farm.  This enabled them to track the location of high value assets, such as combines, as well as workers and delivery routes around the county.

We also geofenced certain areas of the farm, triggering alerts if vehicles were moving outside of permitted areas.

Using the data gained from running the app in 2010-2011, they were able to plan routes around the county for deliveries and travelling between locations that provided them with a 20% saving on their fuel in 2011-2012.  They were also able to plan their routes at quiet times of the day.

The app has paid for itself time and time again.  Whilst we didn’t set out to track vehicles, I can’t believe that something as simple as tracking our routes would save us so much money!  It has, and I’m very pleased.

Farm Cams

We have developed a lightweight, weatherproof camera monitoring system.  This means that cameras can be installed quickly and easily any time remote monitoring is needed.

This has worked exceptionally well during lambing times or at times when sick animals need monitoring.

In addition a local pea farming contractor recently mounted one of the cameras in the corner of a field so that harvest could be monitored.

Each of the cameras has its own connection to the web and can be monitored through our custom iPad or iPhone app.



Seed Calculations


The Seed Rate Calculation app was one of the simplest we’ve built.  A local Agronomist wanted to develop a simple app that would save them time whilst they were crop walking.  In addition, he wanted to be able to use the app to provide to his staff.  Here’s what he said:

The App you’ve built is perfect.  It saves me stacks of time, I get through more visits per day, and my customers love the output from the app.  Thanks very much for all your hard work and the ideas you came up with – we’d love to make some more apps!